Uplink 1.5.4

Exciting game based on a premise of shooting, intrigue and adventure

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    Windows XP / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2003 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98

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    7.3 (77)

Uplink Windows is a game that allows players to take the role of a hacker in a future world. The full game must be purchased although there is a trail version available as a free download. The download size is small largely because Uplink uses a text-based interface with no movies or other features commonly found in modern games. It is a single player game with no multiplayer options. Although it might not seem like it at first, Uplink has a cohesive and linear storyline for players to follow in the full version of the game.

Every effort has been made to make players feel like they are genuinely hacking through networks and computer systems. The interface is a dark screen with a number of icons along the bottom. The game uses a very basic windowing system that can be clumsy to work with at some points. Custom windows pop up in a few locations on the screen when necessary. The placement of the buttons for these windows is not always consistent and can be confusing when first starting. A comprehensive tutorial and help section is included that walks players through the interface and a simple mission.

Uplink follows the pattern of many other roleplaying computer games. The in-game computer substitutes for typical player stats. The computer can have the hardware upgraded to make it faster, stronger or just better. Memory slots in the computer take the place of inventory slots. Software replaces typical equipment and character skills. Players do have a rating that is similar to a level in other games. The rating restricts what software, hardware and missions are accessible. Players earn money and need to do a little resource management to make sure there is enough for upgrades when they are needed.

Gameplay consists of trying to complete missions. Missions include basic things like copying or deleting a file. They could also be destructive missions to hurt competitors or complex missions like tracking another agent around the world. Players do this by using a variety of software in order to do things like break passwords, penetrate firewalls and throw off tracking defenses. A timer in some missions adds a level of tension and suspense to the game while a player is being tracked or attacked. Mission complexity increases with rank and the storyline.

Players who are caught hacking in Uplink can lose all their hardware and software. They must also sometimes pay a fine and start over from the beginning. The overall gameplay in Uplink is similar to some strategy games. The game is much easier for people with technical computer knowledge to learn although anyone can play. The storyline is fairly long and detailed. It involves reading a number of long in-game emails. A few of the tasks required in the game can become tedious like having to manually copy and email files to clients. Uplink is a good game that is fun for anyone who likes the cyberpunk or hacking genre.


  • Original concept
  • Large amount of depth
  • Good tutorials and help files


  • Text-based with few graphics
  • Some tasks become tedious
  • Interface could be better

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